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This is a quick post to detail my coming articles. In the following days, I’ll post articles about:

  • Varnish, a reverse proxy that I’m using in different projects. I’ll describe the functionalities and usages for this server, and will detail a CentOS 6 (RHEL) install.
  • RHCS3 (Red Hat Cluster Suite 3), the clustering environment from Red Hat (and present in CentOS), and how to set it up for different purposes.
  • A Varnish Resource Agent for RHCS3 that I wrote, to make Varnish cluster aware.
  • A Varnish module that I wrote to add some functionalities in Varnish when used, mainly, with the Client Director (mainly a client identity base on IP and Port, as port information is missing in standard Varnish program)
  • An implementation of Yubikey to create Cisco VPNs

And I’m also waiting for your suggestions, and will be happy to answer your questions.

And now, I’ll wish you all the best for 2013…


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